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Weekly Digest
October 20, 2020


COVID-19 and JACL operations and resources

JACL's physical offices remain closed. Staff continue to do the work of the organization remotely.  Please direct all phone calls to our Washington, D.C. Office at (202) 223-1240 and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Otherwise, we will all be available via email. All staff emails can be found HERE. You can also check our website, jacl.org, for updates and COVID-19 resources. You can view our resources page here. 

Stay safe everyone and we hope to see you all in person again soon. 

- JACL National Staff


 Register to Vote Today and Get Involved with APIAVote and OutreachCircle!

We've created a new page of information and places for people to register to vote and learn more about the upcoming election!

In addition to registering, you can also get involved with voter outreach and voter engagement through our friends at APIAVote and a new system called OutreachCircle. Click below to learn more about how to use OutreachCircle, some voter statistics, and other ways to get involved! In the meantime, you can download the OutreachCircle App on iOS and Android and use the code: CVK503 to register as part of JACL's team under APIAVote. If you have any questions you can always ask at: policy@jacl.org 


JACL Chicago is Hiring!

The Chicago Chapter of the JACL is looking for two part-time positions to be filled!

Office Manager:  JACL Chicago is currently seeking a part-time office manager to help with day-to-day operations, finances, and communications. The position, which is paid hourly, has a minimum of 10 hours/week, with an average of 15 hours/week. The position supports JACL Chicago Board Members and Committee Chairs, works closely with the Program Manager, and ultimately reports to the JACL Chicago President.

Program Manager: JACL Chicago is currently seeking a part-time Program Manager to provide support to our student/youth facing programs. The position has a minimum of 10 hours/week, with an average of 15 hours/week while JACL holds virtual programs. When JACL Chicago is able to return to in-person programming, this position could increase in hours. The Program Manager works closely with the Office Manager and reports to the Chicago JACL President while supporting various projects and Board committees.


JACS Consortium Completes First-Ever Virtual Education Conference 

This past weekend, the Japanese American Confinement Sites Consortium (JACSC) and its member organizations completed the first-ever education conference, all online! The online sessions, panels, and discussions will all be posted online at a later date for people to view. We want to thank all of our members who participated, either as presenters, speakers, or viewers. We look forward to having everyone join us again for the next JACSC event and look forward to the coming introduction of the 2020 JACS Grants! 


Final Tsuru Community Conversation! 

Divide and Conquer: The Model Minority Myth and Anti-Blackness Post-War and Now

October 24th

10am-12pm PDT | 1pm-3pm EDT

This session focuses on understanding how the intersection of Black and Japanese American lives after WWII set the stage for deepening and perpetuating racism and division. We explore the historical perspective through personal stories to shed light on how anti-Blackness and the myth of the model minority separated our communities. We also look to those who have challenged these divisive narratives to form alliances and build community. Our final conversation will be moderated by Tsuru for Solidarity Co-Chair, Satsuki Ina. The panel features Emily Akpan, Ross Harano, Akemi Kochiyama, and Hiroshi Shimizu.


"The Soul of America" Premiere featuring Stop Repeating History

THE SOUL OF AMERICA, debuting TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27 (9:00 PM ET) on HBO and HBO Max, follows writer, journalist, historian, and prolific presidential biographer Jon Meacham as he offers his timely and invaluable insights into the United States’ current political and historical moment by examining its past.

Part political documentary, part biography, the film interweaves archival material and interviews with Meacham along with insights from journalists, academics, and civil rights activists. Focusing on pivotal moments in our history that reflect America’s longstanding struggles with racism, sexism, and xenophobia, Meacham demonstrates how we continue to confront animosity in American politics, economic anxiety, isolationist and nativist tendencies, and conspiracy theories. Helping us to better understand the parallels between current events and their historical antecedents, THE SOUL OF AMERICA ultimately gives hope that the lessons of the past may bring the nation closer to achieving its democratic ideals.
In addition to extensive interviews with Meacham, the film features insights from historian and author Lisa Tetrault; Jon Meacham’s wife, Keith Smythe Meacham; journalist and author Evan Thomas; civil rights activist Donald Tamaki; actor and activist George Takei; civil rights attorney Dale Minami; civil rights activist Janice Wesley Kelsey; U.S. Representative and civil rights activist John Lewis, who passed away on July 17, 2020; and others.


Okaeri Connects! Online Gathering #2


JACL Organizational Sign Ons



Announcing Newly Appointed JACL National Board Members

The JACL National Board is happy to announce the filling of several positions that were left open following the August 2020 elections. We welcome Saki Mori as Vice President for 1,000 Club, Membership and Services; David T. Lin as Vice President of Planning and Development; and Matthew Farrells as Secretary/Treasurer. You can learn more about our newly appointed board members below. 


JACL Comments on Nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett

The nation is entering its seventh month enduring the global pandemic that COVID-19 has brought upon us. In that time, over 210,000 Americans have lost their lives to the virus, many of whom did not have to die. Others still have had their lives changed by the after-effects the virus has wrought on them, or the countless tolls it has left on the job market, the economy, and overall mental health of the nation. In the over half a year we have lived under the pandemic, only a single relief/stimulus bill related to COVID-19 has been passed by the Senate, one which was only effective for a short time. Now more than ever the nation needs relief and support as the pandemic drags on. What the nation does not need is the rushed nomination and confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice not only when the nation needs relief, but when an election is less than a month away. Even more so following the recent outbreak of COVID-19 in the White House and within the Senate. If the Senate still plans to go forward with the nomination and hearings, there are several stances that Judge Amy Coney Barrett takes which must be addressed.


JACL Supports the Neighbors Not Enemies Act

Last week, a companion bill to Representative Ilhan Omar’s House Resolution 5734 was introduced to the Senate by Senator Mazie Hirono. These bills, titled The Neighbors not Enemies Act, seek to repeal the Alien Enemies Act (AEA) which was signed into law over 200 years ago in 1798. The AEA has been used to deport, incarcerate, and withhold the rights of foreign nationals in the United States during times of war. The JACL supports the Neighbors not Enemies Act. 

Such an outdated and xenophobic law has no place in our nation. Throughout history, the policies enabled by this law have wreaked devastation upon too many families that have suffered separation, trauma, and economic loss. It is past time we repeal the Alien Enemies Act and we applaud Representative Omar and Senator Hirono for their leadership in addressing this failure in our laws. 


Join Us in Support of H.R. 40

JACL Executive Director, David Inoue, discusses JACL’s support of H.R. 40. H.R. 40 would create a commission to examine the institution of slavery, its legacy, and make recommendations to Congress for reparations, beginning a process of repairing and restoring after centuries of enslavement. Click the image above to watch the full video statement. 


Hate Crime Resources 

We've updated our Hate Crimes Page to include more information and reporting options for members of the community as hate crimes increase as a result of COVID-19. You can visit the updated page here. 


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